General Questions

Q: Where is BAA located?

A: BAA is currently located at 1300 Fording Island Rd in Bluffton, SC. The BAA facility features a full sized dance studio with surround sound and a separate studio/ classroom for academic work. The space also features a quiet work area for vocal practice and testing as well as a dressing room and lunch area.

Q: How often is tuition billed, and is there a registration fee to sign up for BAA classes?

A: Tuition can be paid in full in advance or billed monthly over 10 months throughout the time of enrollment. There is a registration fee associated with each program. Please send us an email with any tuition or fee questions:

Q: Can dancers enroll in a BAA program and still continue to train with their current choice of program in the afternoons/ on weekends?

A: Absolutely! BAA welcomes all artists who would like a better balance between their academics and their current arts training program. In fact, we hope that you will use our programs as a supplement to your training schedule, allowing you to progress even faster!

Q: What types of programs does BAA offer?

A: BAA currently offers a Dance Program and a Musical Theater Program. You can also ask us about our Academics Only Program if you would like to join us for academics without adding the additional arts training we offer. BAA is excited to work with you and your performing arts student to balance an arts and academic schedule. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Do BAA students have to choose a specific online school?

A: No, students may choose the online school that works best for their learning style, budget and specific needs. However, the online school must be flexible enough to accommodate our arts classes, allowing the students to attend the daily morning dance classes before beginning their academic work. Any tuition and/or fees for the online academic program are paid directly to the school by the families- this is not included in BAA’s tuition.