The Bluffton Academy of the Arts (BAA) is a school created just for performing arts students and their families seeking to combine online academics with their performing arts education. BAA students spend more time on their arts focus while also maintaining a high-quality, educator-supported academic schedule. With options for dancers and a new musical theater program coming for the 23-24 school year, BAA is the school where artists take their training to the next level.

BAA’s Conservatory-style Program gives students in middle and high school the ability to combine arts training with the online school program of their choice, all within our safe and caring studio environment. Students attend BAA Monday – Thursday with the assistance of onsite educators and administrators, leaving the weekends free for more training, travel or academic schoolwork. For artists training at a high level, meeting brick and mortar school requirements such as seat time or set exam dates can lead to increased stress and nights without enough rest. This program provides the flexibility of online schooling, while offering parents peace of mind and the ability to still work outside the home. Academic time includes quiet, individual working blocks as well as opportunities for enrichment and group collaboration.

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Dance Program

We have two age groups for dancers enrolled at BAA, providing the right amount of additional training for safe development and progression. Our Middle School students receive 2 days of 1 hour long dance classes per week, and periodically join in rotating classes with the Upper School Dancers. Dancers in our Upper School receive daily dance training consisting of 2 days of ballet, 1 day of jazz and 1 day of rotating classes in such disciplines as yoga, Pilates, and industry related seminars. We also do bi-monthly trips to a gymnastics center for acro work, and our students have the option of adding weekly vocal training to their schedule.

Because BAA does not have school on Fridays, dancers can also more easily travel to out of town master classes, competitions and auditions. Dancers will experience a variety of dance styles through our curriculum, helping them become the more well-rounded dancers today’s industry demands.  Whether the dancers are focused on ballet performance, dance competitions/ conventions, YAGP competition, musical theatre, or commercial work/ hip hop, BAA will enhance the training they receive at their “home” studio.

New to 2022-23 school year: Ask about our competition options!

Annual Tuition – 2022-23

Upper School: $6800

Middle School: $5500


Upper School: $7000

Middle School: $5800

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Musical Theater Program- New for 2023-24!

Brand new for 2023-24, BAA’s musical theater program will incorporate vocal, drama and musical theater dance training. Students will have a combination of live and virtual vocal and music theory instruction, incorporating sightreading, keyboarding, ensemble work and more. Weekly rotating classes will include classes such as drama skills and dance training. Students will also have dedicated individual practice time built into their schedule.

Keep watching our website and social media for all of the latest details, or reach out to us for more information!

Annual Tuition- 2023-24


BAA’s combination of online schooling in an educator-supervised environment and additional arts instruction helps students progress faster in their art while also supporting a more balanced overall schedule.  We are currently enrolling students for the 2023-24 school year beginning in August. Our school year aligns closely to the Beaufort County School District (SC) calendar in order to accommodate families with children in more than one school. We would love to meet with you to discuss whether BAA is a great fit for your family. If you would like more information about BAA, please email us at or fill out the form below! We look forward to talking with you soon!

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